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Make. Sports. Sustainable.

We create ratings to make sustainability ​within the sports sector visible and tangible.

Our Vision

Our Vision

“We want to transform the sports business by making sustainability visible and tangible. AmetiXGreen aims at measuring and quantifying sustainability holistically to set a standard for strategic decision-making and external communication.”

We Enable our customers to…

Assess the Status Quo

Mission 1

depict sustainability holistically – including environmental, social, economic,  and governance dimensions.

Mission 2

define the sustainability strategy and goals according to reliable information – assess where competitors stand.

Set a sustainability benchmark in sports

Participate in Sustainability Communication

Mission 3

base decision-making and external communication on a reliable tool.

Our Approach

We use data and develop a holistic sustainability framework for the sports industry. Our customers can take the topic of sustainability into their own hands and in a first step define their sustainability strategy according to their status quo and their needs. These measures will enable you to be at the forefront of a sustainability movement within the sports sector. As a result, implementing a sustainability rating rather sooner than later reduces your financial risks and provides you with  measurable impact on the sports sector.

Quantify Sustainability

Sports venues collect large amounts of data. We help you to holistically quantify the sustainability impact of actions related to these data points by applying our sustainability framework. In our rating algorithms, we cover indicators from ecological, social, governance, and economic dimensions. Our framework is based on recognized guidelines and scientific research.

Decrease Financial Risk

Joint research from the University of Oxford and Arabesque indicates that sustainable actions today lead to better financial performance and reduced business risk in the long-run. Our solution provides you with recommendations on how to improve by visualizing the sustainability impacts of your decisions and define measures of how to increase the sustainability score of your sports venue.

Impact Sports Sector

The sports industry has enormous emotional radiance. This is why it is indispensable for actors operating within the sports sector to thrive towards sustainable development in all activities. Through the combination of our sustainability rating and your industry knowledge, we facilitate being a role model for the sports sector and contribute towards a greener future for our customers.

Our Benefits for you

Strong brand image

Create a positive brand image that is linked to sustainability.


Make your sustainability efforts transparent inside-out.

Innovation Focus

New ideas, disruptive solutions, and fast development to diversify your portfolio and enlarge your network.

Reduction of intangible risks and efficiency gains

Increase resilience and gain through efficiency.

Sustainability Communication

Comunicate externally about your sustainability impact and according activities.

Read about us

Explore our entrepreneurial journey, learn about sustainability in sports, and stay up to date on current technology trends that make the world a better place.

Inside #SportsBeSustainable

As part of Futury’s #SportsBeSustainable program, we had the pleasure to visit Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena. Our highlights were the pitch of our vision in front of the corporate sponsors and the personal stadium tour.

Five ideas for more sustainability in sports

During the Kick-Off week, five sustainable ideas to improve the stadium experience for fans and operators have been pitched. Our co-founder Lynn represented AmetiXGreen and passed with flying colours.

Be the change you want to see in the world

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting or already have a clear sustainability strategy in place. If you identify yourself with our values and purpose, get in touch with us today.

270,000 tons

of CO2 are emitted during one Bundesliga season. It would take 2mn trees to offset these emissions.


of German Bundesliga clubs emphasize the importance of ecological sustainability.


of German Bundesliga clubs plan to establish renewable energy plants.


of German Bundesliga clubs pursue sustainability goals in alignment with the UN Global Compact.


AmetiXGreen is a data-driven sustainability startup with the goal to make sports businesses and industries more sustainable along the environmental, social, economic, and governance dimension. Our software enables strategic decision-makers to self-assess and improve sustainability KPIs, including all key stakeholders internally and externally.

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